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Packets and Tabasco

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All of the imagery featured in our mirrors and furniture is infused within the glass itself.

The mirrors can be cleaned using surface spray and a cloth, without any worry of damaging the imagery.


The pieces we sell cannot be bought anywhere else. Nor can the effects and techniques be recreated.


If you would like to commission a customised piece, just get in touch via the contact page.

Practically anything is possible and we can answer any questions or queriers you may have.

To arrange a studio visit, please get in touch via the contact page.

Bernard Road, Tottenham London, N15 4NE


Packets & Tabasco is not affiliated with any of the brands used in the artwork and is in no way suggesting any relationships with any other brand. Each piece is made as a unique and stand alone piece of artwork and is presented as such.

Please note when purchasing a piece made to order:


 All of our furniture and wall pieces are made by hand; therefore characterful variations may occur. The methods of making your chosen piece will be exactly the same as used on the photographed piece. The frame used and the amount of silvering/antiquing will all be the same, but please understand that the splatters and splashes may land on different points of the glass. Please note when purchasing something made to order; If a frame moulding is no longer available, we will order another version of the same frame from a different supplier. We will do our best to find a complete match, but some small differences can occur from time to time.

 As all items are bespoke and made one off by hand, please allow extra time after purchasing for parts to be ordered and the item to be made (roughly 15 to 20 working days)

Returns: If an item you have purchased is faulty on arrival, please contact us imediately. 

 If the piece you have purchased is made to order, we can only offer a 50% refund if you wish to cancel an order after we have already begun working on said piece. 

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